Standards Based Grading

 Standards Based Grading Presentation.pptx - Click on the link to view the PowerPoint.

Here at DMS, we have moved to Standards Based Grading.  You will see both "traditional" percentages and standards grades.  The standards grades are represented by proficiency scores of either 4, 3, 2, or 1 for each standard being taught and assessed in our school. Furthermore, based on research and best practices, we find it essential to separate behavioral factors from the academic report.  Due to this belief, you will see a separate behavioral grade noted as "citizenship."  These behaviors are also tracked and recorded in LiveSchool.  Please contact the school if you need a parent login.  No longer will your child have academic points deducted or added for behavioral aspects that are not part of the academic standards.  Please refer to the student handbook and above mentioned PowerPoint for more information related to the new grading practices at Douglas Middle School.  Feel free to contact the administration if any questions arise (307)358-9771.

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