PBIS - Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

What is PBIS?
*Tiered process for teaching behavioral expectations
*Proactive team driven system backed by relevant data
*Process that reinforces positive behavior rather than reacting to negative actions
*Composed of 3-5 behavioral expectations outlined in a school-wide matrix

Why we need PBIS?
*The process decreases  referrals and negative behavior
*The process results in increased instructional time
*Rewards positive behavior and builds in student/staff incentives
*Increases staff consistency and creates a common language

Getting GOOSED, a PBIS incentive!  Here at DMS we believe in rewarding positive behavior displayed by both our staff members and students.  Each month, students and staff are able to fill out nomination sheets that explain why they want to GOOSE another individual.  GOOSE represents Get Out Of School Early for staff members and Get Out Of School to Eat for students.  When a teacher gets GOOSED by a student, the student rewards the successful teacher with a ceramic goose full of treats and thanks them for a job well done.  That goose allows for the teacher to leave a bit early while an administrator teaches the remainder of their enrichment/mini course.  When a teacher nominates a student, and that student gets GOOSED, the student is rewarded a lunch ticket to any establishment in town.  The administrative team then takes the student out to lunch.

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