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Behavior Matrix







Be Safe

®Use sidewalks and crosswalks appropriately

®Be alert to traffic on streets and in parking lots

®Store bicycles/skateboards in racks and follow all safety rules



®Use classroom equipment as instructed

®Ask permission to leave room

®Know and follow emergency procedures

®Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to self

®Stay with your class/group

®Be aware of surroundings/potential hazards

®Stay in designated areas

®Follow bus rules

®Clean up and/or report spills

®Keep hands, feet, and utensils to self

®Remain seated until dismissed


®Walk don’t run

®Keep hands, feet and all other objects to self

®Be aware of surroundings and others around you.

®Stay to the right

®Report damage and/or accidents

®No loitering in the restrooms

®Wash hands

Be Responsible

®Arrive on time

®Bring all class materials

®Arrive to school in appropriate clothing

®Place all personal electronic devices (phones, tablets, etc.) on silent and only use when appropriate

®Follow teacher/staff instructions


®Be in class and on time

®Follow directions and classroom rules

®Engage in/complete assignments

®Clean up after yourself

®Seek assistance when needed

®Follow absence procedures and finish make-up work in a timely manner

®Follow Instructions

®Dress appropriately

®Clean up after yourself

®Clean up after yourself; table, floor, tray, and lawn

®Wipe tables when finished

®Push in or stack chairs

®Use indoor voices and be aware of your volume


®Observe passing time limits

®Use your time wisely during passing period

®Keep the hallways clear of your belongings

®During class, do not use or leave to use electronic devices in hallway

®Use during passing period when possible

®Use closest restroom

®Leave restroom clean



Be Respectful

®Use appropriate language

®Remove hats and headgear

®Respect teachers/staff and fellow students

®Use good manners

®Respect school property and others’ possessions

®Allow others to learn

®Use appropriate language

®Treat yourself and others with kindness and respect

®Exercise academic integrity

®Pay attention

®Use appropriate voice level for the situation

®Interact with the presenter in the appropriate manner

®Use appropriate language

®Bepolite to all staff

®Use good manners and common courtesy

®Be considerate of classes in session

®Keep noise to a minimum

®Respect others’ space and belongings

®Use good manners and be polite

®Close lockers quietly

®Respect school property

®Respect others’ privacy

®Do not use the restroom for texting/cell phone use

®No vandalism













Be Safe

®Access only appropriate websites

®Log on/off computer when finished

®Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to self

®Keep work area clean and clear of obstructions

®Use equipment with teacher permission only

®Keep hands, feet and all other objects to self

®Be aware of your surroundings and those around you

®Keep hands, feet, and all objects to yourself

®Stay behind yellow line until the bus stops

®Enter/exit in orderly fashion

®Keep aisles clear

®Stay seated

®Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself

®Be alert to traffic

®Leave the building in a safe manner

®No loitering in main walkway

®Keep your hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself

®Keep the entry way and main walkway clear

Wait in Commons area for gym to open

®Leave backpacks in designated area only

®No horseplay or sports in the main walkway





Be Responsible

®Follow directions

®Report all technical difficulties and/or damages to an adult

®Raise hand for help

®Push in chairs

®Go to appropriate areas and follow directions

®Use assigned locker and lock it

®Be prepared with proper attire

®Be on time

®Use appropriate check in/out process

®Report to office promptly when called

®Return from office promptly

®Follow directions

®Take all belongings and trash when you leave the bus

®Ride designated route



®Listen to the announcements at the end of the day

®Unless attending school activities, leave the building

®Remain in the Commons until the bell rings

®Clean up after yourself

®Clean up all trash before leaving area

®Put away sports equipment before leaving area

®Use sports equipment for intended purpose


Be Respectful

®Respect others’ space and/or work time

®Care for materials

®No food/drink around computers

®Use appropriate language and voice level

®Demonstrate good sportsmanship

®Use and return equipment appropriately

®Use appropriate language and voice level

®Use good manners, (please and thank you)

®Use appropriate language and voice level

®Wait your turn

®Respect the driver, bus, and others

®Use appropriate language and voice level

®Use appropriate language and voice level

®Be respectful to staff, students, and others when exiting the building and parking lot

®Remove head covering upon entering the building

®Use appropriate language and voice level

®Head to class in an orderly fashion

®Use appropriate language and voice level

®Keep main entry clear at all times

®Share equipment and allow all to participate

®Follow the posted morning sports rules